Friday, April 09, 2010

"Is everybody going crazy?" Simple Plan

Never a dull moment at Chick-fil-A Sports Arena.

Last week, it was the van that spontaneously combusted in our parking lot.

And now this.

Monday, April 05, 2010

"The whole earth trembled and the veil was torn. Love so amazing!" Chris Tomlin

Happy Easter! After an amazing church service, we came home and had a delicious lunch. I am on a hunt to find the greatest crock pot recipes ever created and make nothing but crock pot meals for dinner for the rest of my life! I mean, there anything greater?

After lunch, we were heading out to Coronado Island to rent bikes to spend a couple of hours outdoors. It was then that we felt the earthquake! Now, I thought I had experienced an earthquake before, but those were more like earthiccups. This was unreal. We were in our parking deck, which is underneath a 42 story building...not exactly the most comforting place to be during an earthquake!

Nevertheless, we went on with our day since everything appeared to be fine. 

Matt agreed to rent the bike cart thingy so we could ride AND communicate! He lucked out because HIS side was broken and I was doing almost all the work!

When we got home, we assessed the earthquake damage out our place...a candle had fallen over and knocked over my birthday card display! Horror!

Friday, April 02, 2010

"I'm bound to thank you for it" Natalie Merchant

I know I have said it before, but I truly have the greatest friends. Last week, I received one of the greatest gifts I've ever received. It was a wedding gift that came the week of my birthday, which made it even more exciting! My sweet friend, Chelsey, has been working her little fingers to the bone to make this for me:

What a labor of love! I am so excited to have my very first quilt that has special meaning. I wish my photography skills matched her quilting skills so I could get better pictures...they don't really do it justice.

Thank you so much, Chelsey!!

"I woke up beside the ocean and I realized I must be in California" Owl City

One great thing about our group of friends is that, since graduating college, at least one of us has been back in school, so there's always a Spring Break to recognize! This year, we have Sean to thank for the week away from reality. The Hills had a vision for a trip up the West Coast and, fortunately for the Hughes family, were kind enough to invite us along for the adventure. I mean, it was pretty necessary for the Southern transplants to become more acquainted with our new state! We also celebrated my birthday while we were gone. Fun!

The trip actually started on Saturday night when we had to say goodbye to our dear friends, the Reynolds who have moved back to Georgia :(

After a farewell with fondue, we set off on Sunday with just about everything we owned. Seriously.

Rather than the novel I would write, you can read a much more simple and complete version of the trip by clicking here. Erin's background in PR makes her an excellent blogger, especially when it comes to summing up an entire week. I've never been one for parsimony, so I'll just highlight some of my favorite things!

Our coordinating {not on purpose} tents!

Sand dune buggies.
There's not really a way to put it in words. Just imagine you are riding a go-cart over miles and miles of sand. Then imagine riding a go-cart over cliffs...only you can't tell when the cliffs are coming because all the sand is the same color. The videos don't really do it justice, but they're still fun!



One of the many stops we made so we could catch the sunset. I believe this is somewhere near Palo Alto {where Stanford University is}

The infamous redwoods!

Half Moon Bay

Spending the week with Toby was a definite highlight!

Big Sur

Hearst Castle

Elephant seals!

Madonna Inn is the tackiest, pinkest hotel. I loved everything about it!

Even had some yummy pink cake!

Sean and Erin, we had so much fun! What is our next adventure?